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Assitej á Íslandi
Samtök sviðslistahópa og leikúsa fyrir unga áhorfendur 

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UNGI á Facebook 

Sviðslistahátíðin UNGI
25-27 apríl 
í Reykjavík


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  • ASSITEJ is an international organization of performing artists who make performing arts for children and young people.

  • The organization promotes cooperation and communication between artists and theaters  both domestically and abroad and thus contribute to artistic development. 

  • ASSITEJ is a non-profit organization

  • Individuals, groups and organizations can be members of the NGO 

  • ASSITEJ's mission in Iceland is to protect performing arts for young audiences and support artists who work in that field.


ASSITEJ in Iceland has been operating since 1990 and has aimed to protect theater for children and young people by, among other things, promoting communication between artists who work in this field in Iceland and encouraging them to international cooperation.  

The Icelandic branch of the association has organized international workshops, participated in Nordic cooperation, sent representatives to courses and workshops and has mediated the selection of Icelandic performances at foreign theater festivals. 

The core of the activities in Iceland since 2013 has been UNGI, an annual international performing arts festival for young audiences in Reykjavík. The festival is independent but held in parallel and in good cooperation with the Children's Culture Festival in Reykjavík. The festival has marked its place in the cultural life of the city. 

It has been decided to make the UNGA International Performing Arts Festival a biennial and to use the intervening year to build up the organization's internal work and support the professional scene in Iceland. That year is called the EGG


March 20 is International Children's Theater Day. We encourage everyone to go to the theater and bring a child with them. 

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Let's invite children to the theater

Board of ASSITEJ

Chair: Agnes Wild 

Treasurer: Lárus Vilhjálmsson 

UNGA Executive Director: Aude Busson 

Board members: Anna Bergljót Thorarensen, Guðrún Ýr Eðvaldsdóttir, Hallveig Kristín Eiríksdóttir, Helga Arnalds, Hrefna Lind Lárusdóttir, Nick Candy and Þórhallur Sigurðsson. 

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